Screen Calendar

Screen Calendar tool allows you to create custom desktop wallpapers...

Screen Calendar tool allows you to create custom desktop wallpapers with built in active calendar. You can set up pleasant working atmosphere by changing desktop view (background image, calendar arrangement, fonts, colors etc.

) and adding a full-functional PIM like a calendar which can be small or large, transparent or, even, hidden on your desktop. Screen Calendar lets you to:choose any calendar size and place of your screen for active Screen Calendar; set transparency of calendar; schedule business day clicking on a calendar (move mouse on calendar to read your records);show half or whole the next month;select any skins and background images for your desktop or Winamp skins for calendar;set random background image from folder or image list; change backgrounds with any time period; choose the custom calendar;start week either from Sunday or Monday or any day;create calendars using any color styles suitable for you; show or hide calendar;show weeks numbering;customise holidays default;organize your desktop icons variously;show the current date on the system tray icon;mark dates with records;postpone records to the next or another day;print calendar and records;save calendar with background or background image;remind and repeat records;see contrast calendar over any background;sync records with Microsoft Outlook.